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Charlie Hess: Financial Consultant, Giftivist
Jul 28, 2012: Rethinking Finance For Inner Transformation

Read Blog By Bill Miller:
"Stay Inspired" with Charlie Hess  
From the glossy pages, Charlie Hess has had a stellar career as an entrepreneur in financial services.  His consulting firm, Inferential Focus, generates rare insights for major financial organizations.  

Yet on the inside, Charlie has been going through a different process - one driven heavily from the inspiration of St.Francis of Assisi.  His journey has been growing over multiple decades, including starting an organization to help the service community 'Stay Inspired' to most recently spearheading an 'underground' process of giving that only he can shed light to.  In many ways, Charlie is a trojan horse of love in a Wall St culture built on fear.  

Join us on July 28th for an opportunity to dive deep with Charlie, connecting personal journey, professional journey and inner-transformation.

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