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Jan 17, 2015: Garden of Simplicity

Read: Call Transcript (Also: Awakin Call Garden Of Simplicity)
KindSpring has created a series of 21-Day Challenges designed to help individuals and groups grow in values that help create positive change. Irrespective of profession, age, culture or geography, when we commit to cultivating certain values we unleash a ripple effect that has the power to transform our lives and the world for the better. When we consistently practice these values together, our efforts encourage and reinforce each other in remarkable ways.

In this Awakin call, see the ripples of change from small, consistent actions performed over 21 days of Simple Living Challenge.

Duane Elgin, previous guest on Awakin Calls, opens 10 Ways to Live Simply: "Although simplicity has a long history, we are now entering radically changing times -- ecological, social, economic, and psycho-spiritual -- and we should expect the worldly expressions of simplicity to evolve and grow in response. For more than thirty years I’ve explored the “simple life” and I’ve found that simplicity is not simple. I’ve encountered such a diversity of expressions of the simple life that I find the most accurate way of describing this approach to living is with the metaphor of a garden."

On this call, we will invite everyone -- and challenge participants -- to share what's blooming in their garden of simplicity.  It promises to be a rich and diverse of ideas, responses and transformation!

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