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Nov 29, 2014: From CEO of Lucent to Serving Seniors

Read Blog By Sara O'Toole:
Transcribed Call: DR. RANDY YEH  
After his PhD in Computer Science, Randy Yeh got a job at Bell Labs in Texas. Years later, he successfully climbed up the ladder to become the CEO of Lucent and President of AT&T Taiwan. "Somehow, I fell in love with money," he says.

Along the way, though, he realized that what brought him more satisfaction was helping others. In his typically gentle and caring way, he would anonymously walk into low-income senior centers in China and serve them in whatever small ways he could -- combing their hair, washing their feet, massaging their shoulders, sharing stories of inspiration and really, just being with them. He found it so meaningful that he invited other volunteers. Bit by bit, the word spread, and New Path Foundation was born in 1999.  Today, thousands of volunteers have benefited from this pure joy of service.

Join us for this call to hear about Randy's own journey of transformation and inspiring stories of his profound connection to seniors around the world.

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