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Mar 24, 2012: Art as Practice

Read Blog By Audrey Lin:
Simplicity and Storytelling: David and Hi-Jin Hodge  

Our Forest Call guest this week will be: David and Hi-Jin Hodge. They've designed with the likes of Steve Jobs, authored an anthology called Impermanence, and created art installations that have been celebrated internationally at places like the Nobel Museum. But those are side things. They actually make films. Awesome films (including ours!). And underneath that, they try to walk the talk. Recently, while exploring the theme of simplicity, they decided to reduce their entire life down to 600 objects (yes, including their film gear). This Saturday, we will have pleasure of hosting the husband-wife duo as they share inspiration underneath their creativity, and speak about the stories they've learned along their journey of beauty.

If you'd like to join the call, please RSVP and you'll be emailed the call-in information as we get closer to the date of the call.


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