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Tom Hurley: Executive Coach, Leadership Consultant
Oct 26, 2013: Designing for Transformation

Read: Call Transcript (Also: Tom Hurley: Transformation in Conversations)
Devoted to the understanding and midwifing of transformation, Tom Hurley has spent his life working on the frontier of this personal and collective phenomenon.  He worked for seventeen years as a director at the Institute of Noetic Sciences, the premier center for the study of consciousness.  For five years he was a part of Chaordic Commons with Visa founder and former CEO ‚ÄčDee Hock, helping organizations develop the capacity of collaboration based on shared purpose, principles, and the human spirit.  Today he works as an executive coach and leadership development consultant in both the private and public sectors.  All this experience has given him a rare and priceless understanding of how our soul’s knowing can be of service even in the challenging conditions of the workplace.

Join us for a call with a profoundly engaging speaker, as we reflect on profound topics of inner transformation and systemic change -- ranging from collective intelligence to collaborative leadership to chaordic design and learn how we can design for transformation.

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