Waking up to Wisdom
In Stillness and Community

Three Joys of Awakin Calls

[April 27, by Birju Pandya] 

Since 2010, the Awakin Team has been holding weekly Awakin Calls to share wisdom from various parts of the ServiceSpace ecosystem. It originally started as a way to share space with ServiceSpace interns but quickly morphed into a shared space for the broader community. During a recent call, I was feeling so grateful for what has been unfolding here and thought I'd share some of the major reasons I feel it is so important to connect in this way.

Global shift from Isolation to Community

The first 30 minutes of the call is akin to a virtual wisdom circle. There is an opportunity for everyone who is present to share insights from life and reflections on thought, speech, action (after a minute of silence to start the call). A beautiful reminder that many people are walking a path towards inner transformation and we can call upon each other as support as we continue on the path. Because of the nature of the wisdom circle, we actively seek to break down barriers between 'student' and 'teacher'. In a circle, everyone is a student, and everyone is also a teacher. We all have reflections and insights that can be helpful to share for others benefit and our own. For this to happen most effectively, it's important for us all to recognize that each of us are integral components to the whole. For that first 30 minutes, offering one's own share (even if just an introduction of name and location) helps to create community and implicit support. In this way, Awakin Calls are a virtual gathering that is similar to an Awakin meditation gathering.

Powerful Guest Speakers

The second 30 minutes of the call is for interviewing that week's guest, which is moderated by someone from the ServiceSpace team. Over the years, the ServiceSpace ecosystem has connected with many many people who are cultivating and practicing values of oneness. Each person brings a unique way to dive into the question of how to live one.s life in deeper authenticity and alignment. From that perspective, each speaker can provide deep insight on how each of us can incorporate their practices and experiences into our own lives.

Each of us, to some extent, is living a life of fragmentation and moving towards oneness. To see how that could be done in the field of technology, or money, or health, or relationship can be quite powerful. Each of these messages come from a space of moving towards community, of love, of fulfillment within. These messages are quite rare to find in other places in life nowadays -- if we don't pay attention to them, over time they can be forgotten.

Enabling Personal Shift

The final 30 minutes of the call geared towards Q&A from the audience. This is a fantastic opportunity for listeners to ask questions that combine their own journey in life with the lessons from the guest. For the first bit of time these calls were happening, I wouldn't have interest to attend. After all, they happened on Saturdays, and I have things to do! Over time, my thinking has shifted. Where else can I find the messages that I hear here? Where else can I engage with people real-time on the topic most important to me -- inner transformation? Where else are the messages available here provided in a "no strings attached" way? Where else can I be reminded that I'm not alone in wanting to shift the way I/we live? It is rare to have such a space be created and my interest has gone towards taking advantage.

The reason that I listen to these calls is not for wish of entertainment, nor for personal gain. Each of us has an opportunity to play a role in building community that exists to help shift our thinking and living. Every week that I can be a part of the Awakin Calls, I feel is a concrete step towards building that community. Of course, there are plenty of other ways to do this, but Awakin Calls are unique in their global reach and real-time communication possibility. I am actively participating in something that exists only because of love, and that sacred space creates conditions for some amazing wisdom to be shared and learned. I am so grateful to the Awakin Call "Farmers" team for "cultivating community"!

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