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Peace artist: The art of peace!

Our guest this week is the peaceartist, who goal is to run 10,000 miles for love, art and peace!! He has been running all over the US for peace and giving away paintings that he creates for the people he meets. He relies solely on Providence and the kindness of people along the...

Ethan Zohn: Using Soccer To Change the World

Ethan Zohn is the 2002 winner of the reality television show Survivor. With his 1 million dollar prize money, Ethan co-founded Grassroot Soccer, a nonprofit organization that trains professional soccer players to teach African children, a tailor-made SKILLZ curriculum, about...

Jess Markt: The League of Afghanistan

A few years ago, Jess Markt, a Brooklyn-based paraplegic and wheelchair basketball player for the New York Rollin’ Knicks, answered an open call for an experienced American player to teach the game of wheelchair basketball in a little town in Afghanistan. At the time, all he knew of this...

Rachael Flatt: An Olympian's Take on Mental Health and Success

Rachael Flatt is an American former competitive figure skater who is devoting her energy to researching mental health.  Currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at the University of North Carolina, she is studying technology-based tools for eating disorders and athlete mental...

Wendy Palmer: Leadership as Embodied Spiritual Practice: Aikido and Mindfulness

Wendy Palmer is a teacher and leadership coach who shares the wisdom she has gained from her many years of experience in studying both mindfulness and the non-violent Japanese martial art of Aikido. She teaches with compassion and humor about body intelligence and how to become more connected...

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