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About Awakin Calls

Awakin Calls are a weekly conference call that anyone from around the world can dial into. It is completely free, without any ads or solicitation. Each call features a unique theme and an inspiring guest speaker, with the simple hope of spreading positive ideas and connecting kindred spirits. Our guests have ranged from the former head of Amnesty International, Wharton's youngest full professor, and a path-breaking neurosurgeon, to the soccer-playing celebrity champion of Survivor, a prize-winning journalist, and a socially conscious hip-hop rapper.

What is the call format?
Every Saturday at 9AM PST, we hold a global conference call with an inspiring individual, such as yourself. :) We open with a moderated interview with the speaker, and then open it up for an open-mic circle of sharing and Q&A.

How can I join as a guest?
To join as a guest, simply find an upcoming call and RSVP. You will be emailed details to dial-in and voila. We think of all call participants -- both speakers and listeners -- as active co-creators in the dialogue process, so we look forward to your participation. On average, about 60 people RSVP for each of calls, and we aim to keep the conversation intimate and also encourage post-call interactions.

How can I nominate a speaker?
To nominate yourself or someone else as a formal guest, please fill in the nomination form and we'll keep you posted if/when there's a fit. For more context, here's a summary of what one speaker shared after a call: What I Received

How long have you been doing this?
Our first call was in 2010, with our summer interns, and we have continued every Saturday since. It started almost by accident, but we're so happy it did. :) In December of 2015, we just completed our 150th call! We're delighted to make the entire repository available with audio recordings, transcripts and blogs.

Who is behind this?
Technically, we're a project of ServiceSpace -- but ServiceSpace is an ecosystem of all volunteers, so we're also all volunteers who care to be the change and make this world a better place. Read more in a volunteer's reflection on Three Joys of Hosting Awakin Calls. Our team currently has 38 members, including some of these brilliant anchors:














Can I sign up to volunteer?
Yes, absolutely! Register with ServiceSpace, create a profile that will tell us a bit more about your background, and watch an online orientation (which will tell you a bit more about us), and then you should be able to sign-up for open volunteer positions.

I have more questions.
We'd love to hear from you! Drop us a note anytime.