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Aug 10, 2013: Deepening Our Social Bonds

Read Blog By Audrey Lin:
David Levins: A Weaver Of Kind Voices  
Inspired by the writings of Thoreau, Steinbeck, Robert Pirsig and others, David Levins often rewrites excerpts from their books.  In 2011 he took one of his essays out of the commonplace book he keeps and used it to start a community garden where a large number of the city’s residents come together to work in a garden, sharing the work and the fruit of their labor. That experience of working with his neighbors to plant and nurture seeds, led him to see that building community was the most important result of the garden and that the beautiful flowers and healthy fruits were just a byproduct of a right effort.  This got him thinking about a kind of cooperative that did not need the vegetation.  Asking questions like - Can kind acts become seeds?  If so what type circuitry would be needed to create the symbiotic relationships that would create a beautiful organic garden of kind voices, accessible to all?  
Rooted in those inquires, David has mostly recently started A Kind Voice -- a community of volunteers who facilitates people reaching out to each other and coming together in a 1-1 conversation with the intention of sharing and being kind to one another. Kind voice has recently launched their radio show.

Join us this Saturday to learn more about David's journey...

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