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Patty de Llosa: Author, Instructor
May 11, 2013: Practice of Presence

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Patty De Llosa: Mindfulness In Many Forms  
Patty de Llosa is an author, a meditation teacher, and seeker of higher truths.
After college, she worked as reporter for Time Magazine for six years, got married to a Peruvian and raised three children in Lima. When her husband became governor of Loreto province, she served as president of The Green Cross, supplying treatment and medicines to the needy in the Amazon jungle, and coordinating with the Peace Corps a summer visit of American doctors and young people to help build roads and schools. Returning to Lima, she founded and ran the first foreign chapter of the United Nations’ pre-school, International Playgroup, for eight years.  Returning to New York in 1979, she continued writing and became associate editor of Time, Inc. and later deputy chief of reporter at Fortune Magazine.  She retired in 1999, now teaches yoga and continues to write what spirit moves her to offer.

One of her recent articles is "Neurobiology of We' and her recent books include Practice of Presence and Taming Your Inner Tyrant.

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