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May 4, 2013: Inspiring the Altruistic Moment

Read Blog By Audrey Lin:
A Numinous Nomad's Experiments In Truth  
In the summer of 2003, Scaughdt (pronounced “Scot”) had reached a dead end. After many years of reading and philosophizing about truth and “the meaning of life,” his life still felt meaningless.
In his own words, he says, “Full of despair over my failure to find "true happiness", I was almost ready to give up my quest. And yet, before I could do so with a clear conscience, I first had to radically apply what I had learned to "the real world." To do so, I made a list of the moral principles in which I believed (such as "Love your enemies" and "It is better to give than to receive"), I journeyed to a place I felt to be sacred, and I began testing these truths by radically applying them to my everyday encounters.”
This prompted him to live out the values he believed in many paradoxes: both single and as a father, in intimate relationships and alone, with material wealth and “dirt poor”, residing in a mansion and living homeless on the street, with a stable job and unemployed. To his amazement, Scaughdt discovered that regardless of how he was living, the more courageously he applied these principles, the more joy and a sense of peace filled his life and the lives of others around him.
Today he lives as a pilgrim, or, in his own words, a “numinous nomad”. Having given away almost all of his material possessions, and with no home of his own, he wanders from community to community offering himself as an instrument of service wherever he ends up. He accepts no reimbursement for his deeds. Just an intention of sharing joy with all whom he encounters.
Join us, as we hear updates from Scaughdt’s journey and his lastest travels through Germany!

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