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Mar 9, 2013: Amplifying Altruism...

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Christopher and his daughter Aubrey's mission is to generate altruism in others. They do this through their labor of love project,

In their own words,

"There are many people who need things. While we help people based on situational need, we primarily focus on people in adverse circumstances who are trying to be self-supportive.

We do this by using our established relationships with Executive Directors of other charities, churches, police and fire departments, school districts and state child case workers to find people who are 'slipping through the cracks'. We do what we can to help them. Sometimes that is a single event, such as being their advocate in a tough situation. Sometimes it can be a series of acts such as providing transportation, debt assistance or finding services for them as an in-kind donation.

We keep our contributors and ourselves anonymous to our clients. We ask nothing in return but for them to find and help three people in need, then ask those people to do the same.

Join us on Saturday the 9th of March to hear  the story behind

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