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Krishan Patel: Everyday Hero
Dec 29, 2012: Living Life Like a Pilgrimage

Read Blog By Sarika Jain:
Krishan Patel: Living Life like a Pilgrimage  
Krishan Patel is not afraid to search for the heart of life.  In his last year at the University of Michigan, he gave up his math major so that he could focus on writing.  During that time, he worked in a maximum security prison, where he learned about the human experience. As a child, Krishan grew up in ashrams practicing yoga and meditation and dreamed about changing the world.  Day to day, he tries to fulfill that intention through practicing his values and living consciously.

While working in investment management and consulting, his former boss once said, “One day, I am sure there will be two pictures hanging behind your desk: Warren Buffett and Mahatma Gandhi.”  Today, Krishan is the founder of Karmic Advisory, a company focused on developing mindful solutions for individuals and organizations.     

Recently, he took a step away from it all in order to walk 900 kilometers on the Camino de Santiago across Spain.  He faced his fears head on and found the courage to embrace life in every moment, despite intense physical pain and emotional turmoil. 

You are welcome to join us on Saturday, December 29th to learn about Krishan’s pilgrimage on the Camino, and in life as he continues to search, learn, and serve.  

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