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Murtaza: Movie Therapist, Everyday Hero
Jan 19, 2013: Movies for Healing

Read Blog By Janis Daddona:
Murtaza Bootwala: The Movie Doctor  
Working in a 5-star hotel, Murtaza found himself immersed daily in a high-stress environment. Eventually, his body broke down, and he was forced to leave his job. This propelled him down a trail of health and greater meaning, where he eventually encountered the Urban Ashram, began listening to stories of the people who came through, and tapped into the healing power of cinema.

Today, Murtaza Bootwala is the ‘Chief Happiness Officer’ of the Global Healing Project and has played a variety of roles himself ranging from an Environmental Activist, to Corporate Speaker to Handwriting Analyst. Having been through various self-awareness and personal growth experiences himself, he is constantly looking to serve and facilitate the journey of those around him.

Join us, as Murtaza Bootwala-- or the 'Movie Doctor' as he is fondly called-- shares the twists and turns of his powerful, winding path. 

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