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Dec 15, 2012: "Every Moment" Service

Read Blog By Janis Daddona:
Vinya Vasu: A Motherly Approach to Service  
An Educator, Giver, and Seeker of Kindness, Vinya Vasu embodies a heart of love. 
A special educator, former principal and founding teacher for students with severe trauma, abuse, and emotional challenges, Vinya finds herself drawn to work with kids who need it the most. She has broken up fights, mentored students back into their grade-level schooling system, and rides through each school year with a fierce dedication and effortless empathy. Once, when stepping in to break up a fight, she found herself being repeatedly slammed against a wall by her students. But harboring hurt never even crossed her mind. If you ask her about it, she'll explain without hesitation, "When these kids hurt you, they're only showing you their pain."
Beyond the classroom, Vinya is the kind of person who will go above and beyond to listen, comfort, assist, and give to someone in need. Always welcoming community into her home, she warms many bellies with delicious south Indian dishes, and spends her free time spreading smiles through small moments, gifts and gestures. 
When asked where she is in work and life today, she'll tell you, "I want to do whatever I can to better people's lives."

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