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Ian Watt: Filmmaker, Youth Visionary
Sep 1, 2012: Youth and Social change

Read Blog By Susan Marie:
Love is the Answer: Youth and Social Change  
They're just 17 year old students -- but they already found a calling in service, are talented musicians and filmmakers and launched a website (actually a movement) that reflects their spirits: Love is the Answer  In their words, "LoveIsTheAnswer is a platform for talented people directing their skills towards a movement.  We celebrate creativity and problem solving!"  Take a look at their video on their international volunteering, and how they're making a difference: 

So what goes on through the minds of service-hearted teens these days?  On Saturday, the 1st of September, not only will we find out, the our two interviewee's will themselves be teens -- ServiceSpace interns and prior guest speakers, Neil and Dillan!

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