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Oct 27, 2012: Inner harmony

Read Blog By Audrey Lin:
Michael Stillwater: Songs of Inner Harmony  
Michael Stillwater is a multi-talented artist and educator using music for healing and reconnection. A recording artist of over a dozen albums, his songs reflect universal spiritual principles through the eyes of his human journey, and his chants are known worldwide for opening heart and mind. (see ChantWave and Recordings).

His intuitive recording artistry, expressed through SongCare provides a unique artistic way for people to feel witnessed, recognized and supported at an essential level. The Honoring Ceremony allows more people to receive this gift while experiencing empathic connection with others. He also offers a way for anyone to cultivate their own intuitive vocal expression through the SongSourcing method.

He is founder of Inner Harmony, offering musical services online and on-site, and Song Without Borders, producer of films and other programs applying song to personal and societal transformation, a project of nonprofit Green Hospice of Santa Fe, NM.

Please join us to hear more about his inner journey in the process of creating "Inner Harmony."

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