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Oct 6, 2012: The art of peace!

Read Blog By Audrey Lin:
Peace Artist: 6,000 Miles of Art and Humanity  

Our guest this week is the peaceartist, who goal is to run 10,000 miles for love, art and peace!! He has been running all over the US for peace and giving away paintings that he creates for the people he meets. He relies solely on Providence and the kindness of people along the way. For him, it all begins with gratitude and his art is a beautiful expression of this feeling of gratitude and love...

In his own words, the Peace Artist can run, and he can do art. His pilgrimage is one of faith. Faith in the goodness of others and faith in love, art, and peace. His 10,000 mile journey around the continental United States is a trek for peace between nations, amongst people, and the often most difficult...inner peace. He runs until given shelter, and fasts until given food; he never asks. He takes no money with him, but only carries art supplies. He gives away his artwork as a peace offering to those who will accept them. People are good. His only hope is that others will be encouraged and inspired by his example, and they will do what they can for peace.

Come join us this Saturday and learn more about the remarkable journey of this inspiring artist!

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