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Slobodan Dan Paich: Artist
Aug 4, 2012: Art For Social Change

Read Blog By Bela Shah:
The "Impossible" Trajectory of Slobodan Dan Paich  
Slobodan Dan Paich has spent the last 50 years in arts.  He started at the age of 7 -- and even had to flee Yugoslavia when he started his own social-change public theatre company at the age of 16!  Since then, he has taught at major schools and studios in United States, England, Germany and Italy -- and worked daily with artists, actors, dancers, writers and directors in nurturing and actualizing personal and collective dreams.
In a recent conversation, Richard Whittaker noted, "Slobodan Dan Paich is an original. In a sense, we’re all originals, but now and then one runs across someone for whom this word is a particularly apt fit. In the last couple of weeks, I’ve had the pleasure of spending some time with Slobodan and, although I’m keenly aware that I’ve only gotten to know a little about him, I find him one of the most interesting men I’ve ever met. As a child growing up in Communist-controlled Yugoslavia he became a radio celebrity and was the first television child actor in his country. By the time he was 12 or 13 he was already a seasoned professional as a performer and was a celebrity in Yugoslavia. While still in high school, he founded three independent theaters. A few years later, he had to flee the country to avoid the imprisonment that befell many in his close circle of activist, intellectual friends. He went to London where he arrived with no friends, no prospects, and not even speaking English. Being resourceful, he soon had two jobs, one sweeping stairs and the second, restoring icons. A year into his new life in London, he met a famous and influential woman in theater, which led to his return to the theater."

Join us this Saturday for what promises to be an exciting call!

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