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Jul 14, 2012: Homeless to Entrepreneur

Read Blog By Audrey Lin:
Rob Haddad: Homeless to Entrepreneur  
This Saturday we are truly blessed to be joined by Rob Haddad.  Rob's story and how the Service Space community encountered this compassionate and gentle soul is simply incredible. At one point in his life, Rob had literally hit rock bottom.

Through the kindness of strangers and the dedicated study and practice of Buddhism, Rob confronted his fears with amazing and tender hearted courage.  With patience and determination, he slowly rebuilt his life, becoming a very successful entrepreneur.  But despite his material success, Rob has continued his devoted study and practice of Buddhist principles, sometimes meditating and reciting sacred chants for three hours a day.

How did ServiceSpace come to know such beautiful soul?  When intentions are pure, stars always align....please join our call to learn the rest of the story:). 

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