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Feb 24, 2018
Aarti Kuber: Healing through Acceptance and Forgiveness
Have you compassionately addressed persons in your life who have wronged or violated you?  What role did those encounters have in your healing and life journey?

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david doane shares:
Rather than a diagnosis of "manic depression," I suspect a diagnosis of "healing" is much more accurate. Sometimes breaking through and breaking out look a lot like breaking down. And of course the back ache Aarti suffered for ten years didn't "magically" disappear, but disappeared as a result of her expressing her feelings firmly and compassionately instead of repressing and depressing her feelings, and forgiving the abuser. As for me, I haven't done a very good job of compassionately addressing persons in my life who I felt wronged by, and when I have compassionately addressed them even partially, it has been healing and satisfying for me to the degree that I compassionately addressed them.

Jane shares:
I find this quite amazing. Only if I could forgive my stepmother the abuser. Physically and mentally, emotionally.
I am 63. Also an Alcoholic. Lots of drugs. I have been in recovery for 12yrs now. Plus my label is Bipolar . I live in Cape Town South Africa.
I truly find Aarti's story uplifting Maybe there is hope. Lot of love and deep thanks.