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Simon Cohen: Communication Expert, Social Commenter
Jun 23, 2012: Would Superman Still be a Journalist Today?

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Simon Cohen: Being The Communicator He Wishes To See  
After the September 11 attacks, Simon Cohen founded Global Tolerance to combat what he saw as irresponsible reporting; its mission today is to use PR and communications to harness the power of the media for positive social change. He often speaks about the "Other 9/11", in 1906, when Gandhi initiated a massive non-violent movement that change the course of human history.  Recipient of many awards, from Mediaweek's "Thirty Under Thirty" to "Most Influential People in the UK PR Industry", Simon has launched campaigns that have reached millions and also consulted for the Dalai Lama, the Prince of Wales, Rajmohan Gandhi, Desmond Tutu and many others.  Through all his efforts, he continues to experiment with innovative ways (like 60 second tole-rants) to create and distribute hopeful media in our society.

This Saturday, Simon will join us from UK to share thoughts on media, ethics, and innovation -- and most certainly positive stories of change that are shifting our cultural narrative towards the greater good.

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