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Adam Grant: Business Professor, Author
May 19, 2012: Compassion in Corporations

Read Blog By Bill Miller:
Altruism in the Temple of Greed: Call with Adam Grant  
Adam Grant is an award-winning researcher and teacher on the faculty at The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. Fortune magazine has named him in the World's Top 40 Teachers Under 40.  In an effort to align corporations more deeply with values, Dr. Grant has crafted a series of very innovative research -- that is routinely cited by some of the world's foremost leaders.  Does connecting employees to a deeper purpose improve their performance?  Can introverts make for good leaders?  Do generous people end up at the bottom of the corporate ladder?  Through a blend of academic rigor and unique experiments, Dr. Grant is changing how corporations can think about integrating values like compassion.

On Saturday, Adam Grant will join us to share the story of his personal journey (including his background as an All-American springboard diver and a decade of being a professional magician!), insights from his research, and ideas for organizing without compromising principles.

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