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21-Day Challenge: KindSpring Challenge

May 14, 2016: Ripples in Reverence

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Beauty lies in details. To notice it, you have to be paying attention. In a world that's enamored by speed and information, it's easy to drown out the eternal rhythms upon which our daily lives turn. This Spring, everyday individuals across the globe are embarking on a 21-Day Reverence Challenge, as an experiment in tuning back into the profound beauty and mystery of being here, and being human.

In this Awakin Call, we'll hear ripples from micro-moments of reverence that have transpired throughout the challenge. This is a participatory call, and we encourage reflections and stories from your experiences.

It all began with a family in Japan and their remarkable visions for peace. Every year, at the foot of Mount Fuji, thousands of people gather for their interfaith "Symphony of Peace Prayers" that unites hearts in a shared intention of peace on Earth. This year, they're activating the Soul of WoMen in a call for communities across the globe to more deeply engage the qualities of nurturing love, compassion, cooperation and beyond -- and have joined forces with KindSpring's 21-day challenges portal, which invites individuals and groups to grow in values that help create positive change. Irrespective of profession, age, culture or geography, when we commit to cultivating certain values we unleash a ripple effect that has the power to transform our lives and the world for the better. When we consistently practice these values together, our efforts encourage and reinforce each other in remarkable ways.

On May 14th, we will invite everyone -- and challenge participants -- to share reflections from their lenses of reverence. Join us to listen to a rich array of experiences, and to share your own!

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