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Trishna Shah and Cubs Community: Everyday Heroes
Feb 18, 2012: Teaching Compassion

Read Blog By manal mehta:
Shining Stars! Forest Call on Compassion and Kids  
Every week, we have a "Forest Call" to share insights and inspiration from various corners of the ServiceSpace ecosystem.  Typically, the call opens with a circle of sharing, then features a guest speaker and is followed by dynamic Q&A around the emergent themes.
Our guests this week will be: mothers, fathers and teachers talking about teaching compassion!  Can compassion be taught or is it something can bloom naturally?  How do you raise happy kids?  Does exposure to technology cultivate a deeper connection to values or does it fragment the experience of life?  Trishna Shah will help moderate this participatory call where callers will offer stories of young kids, share resources that have helped along the way, and reflect on some of these inquiries collectively. 
If you'd like to join the call, please RSVP below and you'll be emailed the call-in information as we get closer to date of the call.  

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