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Ashish Mehta: Everyday Hero
Feb 4, 2012: Monastery Hopping And More Such Fun

Read Blog By Bela Shah:
Living Equanimity: An Afternoon of Enlightening Conversation with Ashish Mehta  
Every week, we have a "Forest Call" to share insights and inspiration from various corners of the ServiceSpace ecosystem.  Typically, the call opens with a circle of sharing, then features a guest speaker and is followed by dynamic Q&A around the emergent themes.
Our guests this week will be: Ashish Mehta!  History has often marveled at the innate abilities of those who are able to do extraordinary things, but miracles of compassion and joy are often found in the most ordinary of circumstances. Ashish Mehta is one such 'zen master', as friends often call him.   From his days of "monastery hopping" to encountering Les Kaye at a book club gathering to being part of the founding team of ServiceSpace (formerly CharityFocus), Ashish will share wide-ranging stories and reflection along his down-to-earth journey of integrating spiritual values into daily life.

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