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Oct 18, 2014: How 21-Days Can Change Us

Read Blog By Deven P-Shah:
Ripples From Awakin Call On Kindness Challenge  
KindSpring has created a series of 21-Day Challenges designed to help individuals and groups grow in values that help create positive change. Irrespective of profession, age, culture or geography, when we commit to cultivating certain values we unleash a ripple effect that has the power to transform our lives and the world for the better. When we consistently practice these values together, our efforts encourage and reinforce each other in remarkable ways.

In this Awakin call, see the ripples of change from small, consistent actions performed over 21 days of Kindness Challenge.

These acts of kindness can be very simple - surprise an old friend with a phone call, or give a gift of book to a friend, or thank an unsung hero that consistently performs a routine task making your life easier, or add a little touch of beauty to your community neighborhood, or donate clothing or household goods, or do something nice to a family member, or compliment someone working hard, or pay it forward with a random act of kindness ...etc . Every small act of kindness starts a small ripple of positive change. What is more exciting, it is changing lives of thousands of people that are taking on these challenges - it's transformation for positive change.

A very simple idea put to action can touch a heart so deeply - that is the heart of the person performing an action and also hearts of other people. Listen to the stories, share your experiences with kindness on this call.

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