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Lilou Mace: Art of Interviewing People You Just Met

Bela: Our guest today is Lilou, who is joining us from Paris. We're really excited to have some time with her. We were amazed, the French-American author, a web TV host and an international internet video blogger, since 2005, with over 25 million video viewed on Youtube. She is also the cofounder of global internet community, a hundred day reality challenge. She recently spoke about the power, and act of co-creation in the world at a TEDx event in France that was in October of 2013. Before that, in 2011 where we started a 12 month inspirational film tour across the United States and the world and she haven't stopped ever since. The tour which she decided to name The Juicy Living Tour is an On The Road internet program. Based on discovering everyday inspiration to the spiritual exploration. The purpose of the On The Road Tour is inspire people globally, to focus on positive living and thinking in times of financial social and economic chaos. Along this tour, her international guest have included individual such as Dr. Wayne Dyer, Ram Dass, Jack Canfield, Emma, and Don Miguel Ruiz. We were are really excited to begin our conversation with you this morning, and I just want to make sure that you're there.

Lilou: Yes, hello. Hello, everybody. Hello, from the beautiful Paris.

Bela: We really appreciate your time, and yeah what an interesting background. I really enjoyed reading more about you, and listening to some of your interviews. I wanted to begin by just running a bit more about your background. Because as I was reading about you, and understanding the type of interviews that you've had with individuals, and the types of initiative that you founded, The 100 Day Reality Challenge. It seems that there's a single thread connecting the different parts of your life, and it's deeply embedded and its desire to inspire others. I'd like to know if you're always this way, and what elements in your life influenced this desire in you today.

Lilou: Yeah, thank you for asking this question. I really, I feel ... I felt passionate about discovering a little bit more about how this world function and what is the nature of reality and what his consciousness. Since the very first seminar participated in, and chosen when I arrived in Florida after graduating from a business school, I felt a little bit lost, and from that moment, from that first personal development seminar.

I just felt really, really curious and really thirsty for discovering who we really are and how we can fully open up our potential, and lives a passionate life. From that moment forward, I started participating and reading and I am very much a person of action. I like to learn but then put it in practice in my life. We started practicing with some ... With a friend of mine, and we started The 100 Day Challenge. We decided for 100 Days to set some intention and to have some objectives, and just choose some practices, that we learn works, like meditating, meditation, visualization etc.

Really our life change during the next 100 Days have started video blogging and at some point even uploading on Youtube, and just as I was sharing and as I was being vulnerable and authentic about the ups and down and just sharing it as it is. More people start tuning in, and I started to embark on those journey of observation, sharing, experiencing, sharing, ups and down.

Just like doing this through video blogging in my books, and in conferences. It's just being an ongoing journey, that I see the we're all on, step by step discovering learning and to me that the real opening is the opening of the heart, and to liberate our soul for us to be self-express and really truly find our truth, and live that daily.

As I'm having all those conversations around the world, and in Europe and soon in Sedona, just traveling in Thailand after that. The journey unfold, ensuring the journey and then the same time I'm learning from others, and just continuing on this path. It's beautiful, very enriching and I just ... I just so deeply, I'm so deeply grateful for this.

Bela: As I'm listening to you, I realized that perhaps a lot of people in this call but I don't know as much about your life, might just be inspired and amazed by what you share. You've taken, you've opened yourself up, and put yourself in a really vulnerable faith, and taking leaps of faith. Your life is unfolded in beautiful ways. There was a begetting point for you, there was a point where you found the courage to step out of their comfort zone. I wanted to go back a little bit, and retrace that. I know that before you dived into becoming this world traveler, and interviewing all of these people. You work in marketing, and advertising, in the corporate world. At some point, you met Oprah Winfrey who just planted a seed within you. Can you tell us a bit more about the background before The Juicy Living Tour and The 100 Day Challenge.

Lilou: Yeah, so as you said earlier, I'm French-American. I was born in Sta. Barbara in California. It was my parents are French, and they have the French restaurant there. Then we move back to France, and I grew out mainly in France. A little bit Scottsdale, Arizona when I was 2 years old.

I mainly grew up in Europe and always felt very connected to the US, but through France as well, like a mother and a dad. Basically I went through my parents’ divorce when I was 12. My heart really shutdown at that time, really I felt preparation and then I try to ... I just was really afraid of loving again.

This has been my whole work ever since. Out of my studies, I did business study in France, and intern in Oxford. After that, after those 4 years, I couldn't find a job in France, thought I felt the burning desire, of I felt so much passion inside of me. Couldn't find a job regardless of the beautiful studies and visitation, and the experience.

I moved to the US, because I have dual citizenship. I decided to go in the US. I decide to just I thought my mom is so [inaudible 00:10:20] mom. That's her fault, that things are not going right, right now. There's so many excuse and I was really a victim of so many things and I just moved here, I thought it would be easier but I encountered the same problem, same issue.

That's when I did this personal development, first I did the landmark education back then in 2000. After that it's just, I did the Tony Robbins and all those different things, and start learning and reading. I had my own company. Like for 6-7 years, I started being self-express, more and more and creating website and newsletter and logos and all of that.

In parallel, I was doing those video blogs, but I never really had the courage to fully do those video blogs fully. I was excited, I move to Chicago. A month after I move to Chicago after living in Florida for a while. I met Oprah Winfrey just [inaudible 00:11:26] I just went out with this guy, I was new to Chicago in 2006, and we went on this date.

On that evening, we're just having dinner right next to the Harpo Studio. I had no idea where her studio was, it was right around the corner. Took a picture of that night, just next to it. I did a video blog, it's all like this, part of my 100 Day Challenge thing. I really want to meet Oprah Winfrey.

Just 2 days later, that same guy bumps into her, at the [inaudible 00:11:55] right there, it's like, "Wow Oprah was just there?" She invited us, because he was in the elevator, so we have this, with a stranger kind of. Oprah Winfrey have a conversation inside an elevator whether you're going to tell her.

The thing that comes out of his mouth as well, "Lilou. I just met this French women. She would love to meet you, it's one of her dreams." She offered 2 tickets, it's just wild, 2 tickets. The next day we were in her show. Her show was on Dream job, and she speaks of and she just share her passion for interviewing people and I was just move and touch in such a hypnotic stage, if we're meeting her, and seeing this, and witnessing that, and seeing how the universe have just converge, just trying to live this moment, it was so surreal.

Then going back stage meeting her. The next thing you know is I'm looking on the internet and searching, "How can I become a journalist? How can I produce video is what I want to do." Rapidly just after that, I found the MTV in Chicago and then started interviewing people and uploading those online. That was still not my main job, because I didn't know I was going to make a living out of it.

I accepted, I was filled [inaudible 00:13:19] some with joy, expected to ... I was self-employed and then I accepted this position of director of marketing in London, because I wanted to go back really in 2008, back to Europe I get fired after 7 months, as I reach 7 and 9. It was the economy crisis here, and I lost my job and I thought this is really ... There's something here to do, I have a couple of millions of user ready on this topic. Video blogging online, and this is time for me to let go of this marketing thing, and to apply those talent and this skills that I've learn, but at service of the world, that service of the planet, that service of humanity.

That's what I explained in the TEDx that's how things really shifted from probably what I'll called now passive co-creation or something where I was really in fear. It's been a long process, and I'm still in the process, it's probably never ending which is [inaudible 00:14:32]. I'm comfortable with that, this fact that I'm now co-creating from love, and really honoring the gift that I have received, I have received in the experience for to now put it at service.

That's when I started really video blogging full time, and interviewing and going on to Juicy Living Tour, and asking donations for people to support the tour has been ... Yet, it's ongoing adventure ever since I feel like I'm fully in my train, it's colorful, it's palpable, it's ... It's so fulfilling to this all.

I really love it.

Bela: Wow, it's really incredible. I have, really the follow up questions from what you just shared. I think I want to start with, if you could create an instructional manual for someone else, who really wants to create a change in their life. It's difficult to step out of their comfort zone. I've had so many conversations with individual that want something different in their lives. What kind of guidance would you suggest? Can you share some of the impediments that came in detour that came along your own journey? What helped you maintain your faith that you're moving in the right direction? Any insight and advice for others?

Lilou: That's a lot of questions that I think we can talk for hours. I mean, I just this is a lifelong journey, and a lot of us have heard of all those tools and we know exactly the tools that work and I can definitely share with you this tools, but I think really the most important is to now take actions and really start to really trusting and loving ourselves, and move forward.

We needed right now, there's a whole shift on this planet, we know it. It's a time to create from love, and with that vibration. It's totally different than what most things are out there right now. Really it's not a must, but it's just that your soul is creating for this. It's really is important to honor who we are, to love ourselves to reopen our hearts. I mean there's an incredible movie out right now, the power of the heart, that I highly recommend. Actually I'm waiting right now for my friend, that she's the [inaudible 00:17:47] that has created that moving, he's coming anytime now, meeting me in Paris, he's European.

This is exactly the journey of the head to the heart a lot of people speak about it, but this is the most important learning. We're learning to love ourselves, and forgive and this is something, because the more we're going to love and honor who we are and respect ourselves, and give ourselves with love, instead of looking at outside in the mature world, or in stuff or in other people waiting for them to take our hand or knock our door to save us.

Once we're going to do that for ourselves, things shift. That's a part I am shift on itself, and it starts really from gratitude, a lot of teachers we've interviewed, and we've heard of it again, but we never speak enough of it. Because it's such a magical ingredient and such a powerful thing to be grateful for all those things, even by spending just 30 minutes.

Just seeing in gold letters, gratitude in front of you, and being grateful for this table the soil, this plant, this window to have a roof over our head, for the coffee, for a smile, for everything. It's just creates magic, everything becomes significant, beautiful to the heart, and that really creates, that allow the soul to start to, want to ... It starts to ...

This all then starts to breathe and to start to connect to infinite knowledge that we have access to, and it's wild the creativity and the ideas we can get. We can be grateful, especially for things that are not going right in our life because there is a gift behind that, every challenge and I called my book, I Lost My Job, and I Liked It because from losing that job, a lot of fears, and then I found myself with no more money.

I wrote another book I Have No Money, and I like It. Because I have to go through this, to reopen my heart, and I'm internally grateful for those experience and being grateful for those things that are not going right in our life is a huge access to the present moment, to the beauty of what so, to the present, to closing the gap between who would like to be, and who we are now.

There's been something along the journey, as we grew up as kid and all of that, that didn't go exactly well and we might suffer, we might have suffer from it. We're still suffering from it, it's like our past is in our future, is in our present even. It's limiting us from living this potential.

The present moment, is really so rich, so palpable, Ram Dass that I've interviewed over in Maui, he's like, "This is a loving awareness. It's all grace, it's all like love is so thick, so palpable, so much everywhere but we disconnect ourselves from that." Because of our experience, and we know it.

Nothing I'm seeing right now, you do not know, we're just reminding each other of this life, and the magic that we can read, and the importance of our thoughts and our actions daily, and I was ... I'm traveling all the time, I was in Paris, Charles de Gaulle, ready to capture 2 or 3 weeks ago a flight to Cyprus, to the island of Cyprus to participate in the seminar.

There was no flight for me, I have no ticket. It's just one of those, I don't know what happened, my credit card didn't go through, what have you, but I had no ticket in my hand, and I really wanted to take that flight obviously I have to come all the way to this place, I just want to go to the airport, up north etc. I have my suitcase, and I was ready.

I went ahead and I got another flight, and just try to not get embarked with the fear, and the mental the mind. I booked the flight, and this woman told me you have 20 minutes to reach the gate, or the check in area, it's in the other side of this airport. It's a huge airport Charles de Gaulle is really big.

I went, I ran through the corridors and reach out, and I was just 5 minutes before I was out of time for check in. I just said to everybody, "Let me go, let me go. I really need to go, you do not understand my circumstances." Let me just take that flight, I need to take that flight." I was like, "Oh my God, I'm going on this meditation called Union with God." Here I am on the check in, to just getting wanting to get it my way, I always want to reach that flight.

It wasn't as bad as ... I was just, I was not feeling too good about this, once I checked in, and I was on the way to the gate, especially with this woman, I had said, "No, no you don't understand, I need to really take this flight." Obviously we were all going to take this flight, I just was, I was in fear.

I thought, "This doesn't feel right, my heart was close and I'm just doesn't feel good. I'm letting the flow then." I talked to this woman on the way to the gate, I said, "I'm really sorry, I wasn't just in here, I apologize for my behavior. Thank you for being who you are." I just spoke to her, and she was laughing, and smiling, and just laughing about who I had been.

Probably just laughing at herself, maybe in some of her situation at other time. I don't know, but it was a beautiful union at that time, and this connection and this recognition of our humanness, of our awkward, sometimes the way of things.

Bela: Yeah, recognition of our humanness. I'd like to talk a bit more about that. Looking at your website, I was amazed by the range of the individuals and topics, that you've interviewed. Can you tell us a bit more how you determine, what source of story and perspective you want to capture? Is there a process behind it, or is that evolving?

Lilou: There is a form on the site to make suggestions, I refuse suggestion from around the world of people that are suggesting to other people, or suggesting themselves. How I go about it, is for example when I'm in Sedona, in December, early December, I will just look at that file, and look at all the different people in Arizona maybe that have made suggestions and I look at the website.

The process is really quick, and intuitive, and very much in the present moment. Usually it starts with one interview here, in Sedona and then from that, I might discover through that file, you people I've never heard of. Mainly it will be just really in twitted, I would look at a website, or picture of somebody.

It's like, if I had a blueprint inside of me, you know who I was supposed to interview. I'm looking for people that are incarnating all these things, and these tools and these kind of light, and this love, and this purity, as much as possible. Because I feel that's more what we need to share, and with authenticity and really taking action from that space.

I just got with my heart, and obviously one person that I interviewed that I really enjoy lead to usually another great interview like you have recommendations, or when I'm interviewing that you're in Dass, here in Maui then he recommend Anita Moorjani, which had an amazing near death experience around her cancer.

It was just like, it's one thing after the next like that. That's why, so much about freeing your heart, and freeing ourselves from those past experiences been hurtful to us, to live the creativity and the power of the heart, in the moment, in the present moment. Because we know exactly we have everything inside of us, really.

We can make decisions from there. Then the main thing I wanted to share with you, is to just really say yes, "Like real yes is to life." Don't say yes when you just would rather stay at home, and have a bath, and just ... It's important to not ... Sometimes yes are like no, behind.

Bela: Well, connected with that, are there moments maybe even when you've connected with people that you have in you before through this interviews, where there moments where you have this fear that would say, no, but you just said yes, you said yes, to life, you said ... Connecting with a stranger. How does that evolve?

Lilou: That's a very interesting question. That's some interesting question, and that has evolved majorly. Meaning at the beginning, when I started to travel and meet all these people. I would feel the kind of nearly the obligation of saying yes, like it just didn't feel comfortable to say no, and I would just go into it.

Thank God, I feel so protected around, of course sometimes the camera would not work, or the sound or the light, I mean some crazy things like that have happened to me along the way. Now, I come to this place where sometimes it's even, if a person came all the way from Texas, with him from California and they came.

That happened to me last summer, I was in California, the person came from Texas, for this interview. I just knew when I saw her, that this would not happened, the interview it didn't felt right in my heart, I just have to say no to her. Instead of just doing it, this interview. That would take me 30 minutes, I'm just, "Okay maybe I won't air it later." I can't do those things this is not an integrity for me.

This doesn't work, I must speak my mind, I'm not speaking my heart now. I had to just say no, "I'm sorry, this is not happening." I don't quite understand why. That's when I spend hours sometimes, the whole rest of the day with a person, trying to playing out from my own mind. I'm trying to find out from my own mind, I'm trying to understand why I felt so, this intuition what so strong not to do this interview.

Usually it's because the timing is not right for this person, this person is going through some stuff, and needs to do some clearing before doing this interview. I mean, these are really to me were responsible for what we put out, and how we put out, the thing that we put out in the world, whether it's products, whether it's interviews, or the time that we spend, and it's important to do this from present.

From love, from integrity, from with authenticity. Sometimes world is going to continue, going as it is, and we don't the same thing that happened to me in those airports, I could have just not have this conversation with this woman. This is how important we all are, our thoughts and what we put out.

This humanity cannot shift, if we don't practice that all the way, without running ourselves mad, just doing it, learning and knowing how important we are. The same time this planet will continue, but we are a piece of this puzzle. If it's enough of us, are putting all these things that we're learning in action that's when really this planet will shift. Otherwise it's going to continue.

It's going to continue, there are so much stuff on this planet, and then the same time, we focus on that, we can only act, and do what we can do to clean things up and to experiment, rewind the present moment, and to say real yes, to set beautiful powerful intentions, and to share our light but when we're ready for it, and when we want.

Doing an interview for me, that just, that this person is not resonating the same vibration, I'm just not feeling it. I prefer to say no, and there are some cry, there are some anger that comes out that are people facing that, and that airing, that thing that I didn't want to air.

Bela: What happened some of your more favorite interviews, what has really stood out to you, and are some of the insights that you gained?

Lilou: There so many insights, and but it's mainly a ... It's such an experience for example to meet people like Ram Dass of course and Wayne Dyer in exotic cases like Hawaii. Lately and over the past 3 years, I've been doing a lot of interviews in France, and the French people are so intellectual and there all these things that the rational is a little bit holding them back to grow and expand.

There's so much passion and love, and to do these interviews over in France, and to see it growing like it is right now is just so fulfilling to me, it's more I'm really satisfied by seeing the shift happening and witnessing it, and sharing the connection between two people that are coming from love.

That's what I'm mainly interested in. I think it's more of an energy that it's being share beyond the knowledge, it's something new that is emerging, how to listen and how to share, how to be with another. All of that, were reinventing it, we're reinventing ourselves, we're re-discovering who we really are.

To me those moments are so precious because that's what coming out, that's what being shared more and more and then it could become the norm. It could be the ... How we can really have a conversation and protecting ourselves of being scared that somebody is going to heard of, or scared of going in business with this person.

This world can no longer continue from this place of fear.

Bela: It seems like if through The 100 Day Reality Challenge. I don't remember the exact number. I think thousands of people have joined that through around the world that are really putting themselves through this challenge and in a process opening their hearts and connecting in a ways you're talking about. They're discovering this possibility within themselves. Can you tell us a bit more about what this reality challenge is, and also share some stories of transformation in people's lives?

Lilou: Yeah the 100 challenges really amazing. [inaudible 00:33:45] 29, oh my God I can't believe this. That means it's 29 times a 100 that I've done The 100 Day Challenge, setting up in detention, and sharing my journey. It's so beautiful each time what happen. Is and I think the main thing is seeing the power of intention. People are starting the intention.

I don't know maybe they want to try their dream job, or their partner, their life partner or find out what true happiness is for them, and inner peace, or some people want to experience meditation for a 100 days. You just set this intentions, and you can ... You video blog, or you blog at the beginning of the 100 day challenge and you choose the practices, at least 3 practices.

Maybe meditating for a 100 days or visualizing or writing in your journal. All these tools that we know, can just can work, like experience how it works, I mean it can work for us.

Bela: No I wanted you to finish your thought. I was just going to ask if you could also share some stories from people that have joined and experience this transformation.

Lilou: There's been major people changing cities, jobs, meeting their love ones. I mean, there's being just countless stories, and very, very powerful stories. There's many all around the world, and there's also this website in French -- actually I just finished and give the manuscript back to my French publisher for the work book, around all this because there's so much.

There's just beautiful of heart opening for example I can speak of 1 story for myself in season 3 or 6, I think I decided to have an open heart for 100 Days. That's when I found myself with no more money on my bank account, after I lost my job. I found myself with no more money in London.

That will to challenge. I need it to reopen my heart. That was such a powerful, suffered so much from not having any more money on my account. Having to go back to my parents at the age of 32. That was 5 years ago, 6 years ago, to just go through this, has been the most impactful thing, and that's exactly the challenge I needed to have in my life to reopen my heart.

To reopen my heart, to find gratitude to those small things, to let love in to want to re-experience love on an internet level, on a professional, on every single level of my being. It's being a new, that's has been a paradigm shift from that moment. You got to be careful for what you want, you heard that.

It's been on and on like that, that's where you have to accept the challenge that is that you're facing and knowing that you can have full trust, and faith this is exactly what you need to meet right now to let go of something maybe, or to trust yourself, love yourself move forward.

Bela: You also connected to all of these. You believe in, and speak about the power of co-creation. Can you talk about your experience with that, in the process of opening your heart and trusting and having that phase. How does that help you connect with others and then in that connection with others, there's this co-creation that happen. I don't know if you could talk more about that, maybe share a few stories from your own experiences in co-creation.

Lilou: Yeah, the ... We're always co creating, whether we know it or not. We're co-creating, from fear or from love. We're creating from a passive or active way. If we're co-creating from fear, that's destroying the planet basically. That's ultimately we're just ... If we're co-creating from love, this is just this process that I've been describing from working in marketing to just giving those skills at service.

Unconditionally, I've been posting nearly 3,000 free videos online, and that has such a rippling effect in my life, that is so abundant, so reach of meaning and so fulfilling to my heart I can't even start to describe to you the power of that. Doing things unconditionally, and from that co-creative process knowing that we're always co-creating with God for some people, with life for some others, whether universe with other people around us.

Now I'm having conversation with life, and I ask for things to come, for things to make sense, to be blessed, all of that. It's like, this ongoing conversation with the universe which is a beautiful process.

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