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I Am Because We Are - Ubuntu

--Deven P-Shah, on Oct 6, 2014

Viollaine Hacker on Awakin Call
I am because we are. Relationships are at the heart. Connectedness between the people is very important” said our Awakin call guest speaker Violaine Hacker.

Violaine explained it so beautifully that fulfillment of community and fulfillment of individual has been around for thousands of years. “You find it in writings of Plato and Aristotle. The Catholic religious tradition preaches that. This notion of spirituality of individuals from community roots is available in Jewish literature and Koran as well.”

Violaine is founder of the Common Good Forum, now also being known as Global Dialogue Foundation.

Violaine’s words on the Common Good Forum made a lasting imprint on me…

“Common Good Forum brings people together – thinkers, citizens that have different perspectives on problems. We want them to come together to consider issues from multiple angles – to share vision, to search for common ground to solve problems where they are.”
“It is about unity in diversity. Tap in to ideas developed by wise people worldwide. See how to apply these ideas at the grass roots level where you are. It’s all about empowerment of locals working at the grass roots level.”

“We want people to understand, embrace and practice Ubuntu – the belief in a universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity.”

After listening to the conversation with Violaine, I looked up Bridge Builder, the magazine from the Common Good Forum. How touching embodiment of universal bond of sharing! It’s a melting pot of ideas from thinkers, practitioners and project incubators from all corners of the world. Read Bridge Builder magazine articles on their website.

The audio recording of conversation is available now on Violaine’s Awakin call page.

“I am because we are. “ These words are my inspiration for Ubuntu. The Ubuntu to me is a profoundly positive change that will make the world a better place.

Violaine’s journey inspired me to be that change by developing meaningful relationships with people where I am today.