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Jun 21, 2014: Heart of Service

Read Blog By Bela Shah:
Peggy Callahan: To Be Free  
Peggy Callahan is Co-founder and Executive Producer of Free the Slaves and is regarded as the world’s premiere filmmaker on modern slavery. Ms. Callahan is a critically acclaimed television producer with more than 20 years experience in documentary, non-fiction series and television news. At Free the Slaves she has documented modern day slavery around the planet and created the world's largest free video library on the subject. Her documentaries on modern day slavery have been broadcast domestically and internationally. Most major networks and media outlets have used video and stills shot by Ms. Callahan. Before ditching TV for slavery, [what does that say about television?], Ms. Callahan was a reporter, then went on to Supervise or Executive Produce for many outlets including PBS, Discovery Health and Oxygen. In a delusional moment—which lasted a few years—Ms. Callahan went back to news as the Deputy Bureau Chief at Fox News Channel bureau in LA, where she oversaw all aspects of news gathering and production in the 19 Western states for the 24-hour news channel. Ms. Callahan has won many media awards covering a range of national and international social justice issues. Her awards include the Golden Mike Award, the National Headliner Award, the Oppenheimer Award for Excellence in Children’s Programming and the Best of the West Award. She is affiliated with the Directors’ Guild of America.

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