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May 3, 2014: Music for Social Change

Read Blog By Bela Shah:
David France: Music For Social Change  
While playing in the Chicago subway one day, David France heard someone singing along in a distance.  Slowly, the voice drew closer and closer until a blind man stood in front of him.  They finished the song in unison, as the crowd erupted with glee by this serendipitous performance.  The money they emptied into David's guitar case, was what fed him that night.  Yet for David, it was about the relationships and the connections -- to the blind man, to himself and to that spontaneous community that surrounded them.

When asked about his motto in life, David says this: Give your life away.  That what's he's been doing, to use music for social change.  

David is active performer, innovative educator, visionary leader.  His projects have led him to teach violin in low income locales of Bermuda to the barriors of Venezuela to the underserved communities of Boston.  That work has brought him attention from CNN to Time Magazine to Wall Street Journal, as he musical collaborations span Kenny Rogers to Josh Groban to John Legend to Quincy Jones.   Today, he is the founder of Revolution of Hope -- a world-class youth orchestra in the underserved Boston neighborhood of Roxbury.  

Join us for an unique conversation with an open-hearted musicians, who is not talented but looking to leverage his talent to serve others and uplift communities.

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