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May 17, 2014: Science of Service: Why it's Good for You & the World

Read Blog By Deven P-Shah:
Emma Seppala On Happiness: Smile, Serve, Connect ...  
Emma Seppala speaks 5 languages: French, German, Spanish, English & Mandarin.   She's got three degrees, from Yale, Columbia and Stanford. And she's got many awards for her research on meditation, happiness, social connection and compassion -- and yoga-based interventions for war veterans with PTSD.

As a profilic writer, Emma has written for Scientific American Mind, the Huffington Post, Mindful and Spirituality & Health -- and her research has been cited in numerous television and news outlets (like ABC News and The New York Times) as well as books and films.

Join for us an exciting call, with a reputed scholar, that explores the edge between science and service, while inspiring us to create a more compassionate society.

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