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Apr 26, 2014: One Breath at at Time

Read Blog By Anne-Marie Bauer:
One Breath at a Time  
After his PhD in Computer Science at UC Berkeley, Bidyut Bose spent many years doing research and development for Silicon Valley's tech companies.  However, in 1998, he started paying forward a gift that his father (and later monks from the Himalayas) had endowed him with -- gift of yoga.  At a local YMCA, he started teaching senior.  Longing for a greater integration of his personal and professional life, Bidyut found himself gravitating towards Yoga.  

As he saw the students gaining in strength and self-esteem, he started to wonder about others who could benefit.   Bidyut began contacting treatment centers, hospitals and homeless shelters. “If millions of Americans are doing yoga, then there are millions who are not getting it, not coming to a studio, not able to afford classes,” he thought.  And soon enough, Niroga Institute was established in 2005 to bring yoga to people in drug rehabilitation programs and juvenile detention centers, formerly homeless veterans and victims of domestic abuse.   

Join us on this call to learn about Bidyut's fascinating journey around what he calls the twin ideals of his life: self-realization and selfless service.

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