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Mar 29, 2014: Building Village Intelligence

Read Blog By Deven Shah:
Magic Of Heart - Touching Conversation With Sureshbhai  
Suresh Parmar is a mega-Renaissance man of the Gandhi Sabarmati Ashram in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. A village child at heart, he received his Masters of Social Work from Gujarat Vidyapith and has devoted the last decade of his life to service and sanitation work in both rural and urban settings. After spending 4 years intentionally living and serving the slums, he has spent the last half decade bringing sanitation education to villages. 

Through programs such as the Nandini Van and Amrut Sanitation Project of the Gandhi Ashram's Environmental Sanitation Institute, he has visited 700 villages across India, overseen the construction and maintenance of hundreds of toilets, connected with the hearts of thousands-- from young children to college students, government officials and international sanitation workers.

Above all, Suresh views his work as simply connecting hearts and sowing seeds of generosity. With a depth of heart and faith in humanity that cuts across any social, language, cultural barrier, he lives, works, and breathes the motto of "Love All, Serve All, Share All"

Join us on Saturday, the 29th of March to hear about Sureshbhai's journey...

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