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Tap Into Your Journey – Discover Answers

--Deven P-Shah, on Apr 16, 2014

How enlightening to listen to the recording of last week’s Awakin call with Cluadia Horwitz on the topic of spiritual activism.

Claudia’s candor and transparency in sharing her journey was priceless. While listening to her, I felt peace, stillness inside me; I saw how it can help me solve problems and overcome challenges.

For example, I have grappled with questions like these at some point or another in my life: How do I handle stress in my life? Or, better yet, what can I do not to get stressed in the first place?
How can I grow? How can I expand my capabilities?
How can I cultivate healthier relationships?
How do I get more comfortable in a specific group situation?
I sometimes feel a void, as if something is missing or lacking. How do I understand and fill that?

Early in her career, Claudia was working with a group of college students to organize community projects centered on issues of hunger and homelessness. While there was energy and clear sense of accomplishment, she saw depression in many of them. Claudia said, then she had a “light bulb” moment – there must be a healthier way to sustain work.

Her journey to find answers became a journey inside herself – a journey of spiritual activism.


My transcription of Claudia’s talk is split over three parts.

Part I: Claudia Horwitz – Spiritual Activism … This is Claudia’s explanation of Spiritual Activism.

Part II: Applying Spiritual Activism: Claudia has a number of insightful examples, experiences and stories from her work at Stone Circle, an organization she founded.

Part III: Insights into Claudia’s Spiritual Journey: Among many things, this part showed me how to feel secure from the inside no matter what the external circumstances might be.


What inspired me so much is that I can be my own change agent and transform myself and people around me. All that I would ever need for that is inside of me.

It’s matter of connecting to it, or discovering it, or tuning in and listening to it, or feeling it.

I saw a path! Now, it’s up to me to walk that path.


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