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Feb 15, 2014: Transformative Art: Practicing Devotion to Beauty

Read Blog By Anne Veh:
Pamela Sukhum: Transformative Art: Practicing Devotion to Beauty  

Pamela Sukhum is an artist whose mission is to bring beauty and light to the world through her paintings. Her work brims with rich colors and textures, and warm, radiant energy. Her use of both broad, sweeping lines and delicate, intricate details give her work a depth and dimension truly unique to the art world.

Pamela traveled an unusual path to get where she is today. She began as a cardiovascular researcher and then unexpectedly found her "home" in painting. Her lack of formal training allowed her to break a lot of rules she didn't know existed as she evolved her relationship to the blank canvas, or "the void" as she calls it. With barely enough money in hand for the first month's rent, she moved into her downtown Minneapolis studio space to begin her new journey. Ten years later, Pamela's paintings are featured in the most prominent fine art galleries in North America. 

There is a meditative quality to her work that is striking. It holds a reverence as well as a playfulness and a willingness to collaborate with the serendipity of gravity and velocity (as seen in this captivating PBS special on her work). Pamela is an avid traveler and has studied and deepened her creative spirit around the world.  Now as she puts it, she has organically begun to experiment with "maxing out the gift potential of her art". Most recently, Pamela brought her "Beautiful Project" to the Gondje refugee camp, along the border of Chad and the Central African Republic, where she worked with child refugees – helping them use art as a healing and transformational force in their lives.

Whether working with refugee children, connecting to environmental causes or creating relationships between people through her work Pamela's thoughtful and joyful spirit shines through -- making her life a magnificent and ever-evolving work of art in itself.

Join us on Saturday the 15th of February to learn more about Pamela's inspiring journey..

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