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Jan 25, 2014: Experiments in Generosity with Children

Read Blog By Bela Shah:
Shital Mehta: What We Learn From Children  

Shital Mehta (or Shital-Mom as she's known in the Moved By Love community) has always had a passionate love for the Arts which manifested through her work with children of diverse backgrounds over the last 35 years. What began as working with kids to develop expression and creativity, has today blossomed into a cultivation of Values through Art.

Over the years, she found that every child had the potential to give, and by combining Art with compassion, she was helping kids tap into a potential they did not know existed. Initially, she would wonder how young children, especially those from harsh backgrounds would respond to concepts of generosity. But invariably, she would be amazed by their enthusiasm and joy with which the kids would embrace such values.

With this thought, Shital initiated Kids with Compassion in 2012, giving her students a platform to practice experiments in Generosity. In 2012, through the Cube of Compassion, almost 50 children from the slums of Mumbai to those from privileged backgrounds practiced kindness in their local neighborhood and shared it through an installation at the Kalaghoda Arts Festival in Mumbai. Later, in 2013, the same group of kids deepened their commitment to Inner Transformation through the Cube of Gratitude. 

Even today, after all these years, you will still see her walking her path with renewed fervor. What keeps her going, you might ask? Just the dream of planting countless seeds, and seeing children burst into incredible bloom.

Please join us as Shital shares her stories and lessons from her remarkable experience with children and kindness.

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