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Nov 2, 2013: The Role of Love in Social Justice

Read Blog By Bela Shah:
Nina Horne: Love In Social Justice  
As a long-term City Commissioner for the Oakland Fund for Children and Youth, Nina Horne is tuned worked across various sectors that affect public policy.  She's trained in legal, economic and political analysis -- but she's also constantly training herself in compassion.

Her Linked-In profile can rattle off many of amazing accomplishment, but what you won't see is that she hosts generosity circles in Oakland.  That she never fails to connect with any homeless person she comes across and passes on $1 without judgment or expectation.  Every month, she walks the toughest streets with a local pastor, simply to hold space a for goodness and connection.  She is now working on getting mindfulness training into Oakland schools.

Join us for an exciting call around the topic of compassion and politics.  Can they be mixed or are they better left alone?  Or is it almost an imperative these days that we start to bridge the inner change with systemic change?  That and much more on the call with Nina Horne.

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