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Marina Gorbis: Futurist, Social Scientist
Aug 17, 2013: Designing With Social Currency

Read Blog By Bela Shah:
Marina Gorbis: Designing With Social Currency  
Marina Gorbis is a futurist. Her colorful life arc started in Ukraine, "in a three room apartment I shared with my mother, sister, and grandparents on a street named after a radical and obscure left-wing German politician in a city most famous for its steps forever immortalized in the movie Battleship Potemkin.  This arc brought me to the heart of Silicon Valley and to the most unlikely of occupations -- a futurist. Although in a funny way, my past may have given me the best training, because it taught me on a visceral level a lesson that we always try to impart on others: no one can predict the future."  Today, Marina is executive director at the renowned Institute for the Future -- a 40-year-old think tank in Palo Alto, California.

In her book "The Nature of The Future", she writes about some of the trends they are observing:  "We are in the early stages of a large-scale organizational transformation that will impact everything we do-from how we organize production to how we grow our food to how we govern ourselves. Although we often see this transformation through the lens of new technologies and global access to information, the larger impact is social; it is in how we lead our lives and re-structure our institutions."

During this conversation, Marina Gorbis will take us on a tour of this new landscape and share insights about designing for the future that puts social capital at its center.

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