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Vlad Moskovski: Yoga Instructor, Facilitator
Jul 6, 2013: Building Community

Read Blog By Bela Shah:
Vlad Moskovski: Community Building 2.0  
Vlad Moskovski is a Yoga instructor and meditation teacher. Meditation and Yoga have been his life and passion for over twelve years. Vlad teaches public Yoga classes and offers private Yoga therapy sessions, individual meditation coaching, and workshops in Berkeley and the Bay Area. He is dedicated to bringing contemplative practices to a  variety of populations and frequently works with disabled individuals, homeless, youth, and the elderly. 

In 2009, Vlad experienced a radical shift in his life that completely changed his trajectory. After working for a number of years at a desk job that was unfulfilling, Vlad took a leap of faith despite many nay-sayers and moved to Berkeley, California to pursue his passion of helping people reach their highest potential. He immediately became involved in the local community, first working at a homeless youth shelter for teens where he taught Yoga. He combined his passion for nature and Yoga to co-founded Yoga on the Bay; teaching Yoga by donation in various parks around Berkeley. In an effort to bring together various spiritual traditions, Vlad began hosting monthly events where groups would gather to both listen and discuss universal truths and personal stories of small heroes working in the Bay Area. Currently, he is working to create a year-long youth leadership and mindfulness program - Compassionate leaders
Please join us on July 6th to hear more about Vlad's journey and passion...

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