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Randall Amster: Author, Activist, Educator
Mar 17, 2012: Gandhi and Anarchism

Read Blog By Bela Shah:
Randall Amster: Rooting Anarchy in Nonviolence  
Our Forest Call guest this week will be: Randall Amster. He is an author, activist, and educator in areas including peace, ecology, homelessness, and anarchism! Born in Brooklyn, New York in 1966, Amster has worked as an attorney, judicial clerk, professor, and academic administrator during his professional career. He presently lives in Arizona, where he teaches Peace Studies at Prescott College and writes for outlets ranging from academic journals to online news media. On this call, he speak about personal journey, like having a life-changing experience with a homeless man, and share uncommon insights around the intersection of anarchism and Gandhian principles.

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