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In Stillness and Community

Global Awakin Calls

Every week, we have a "Awakin Call" to share insights and inspiration from various corners of the ServiceSpace ecosystem. The call opens with a conversation with the featured speaker and is followed by dynamic Q&A around the emergent themes. To join, simply RSVP and you'll be emailed the details. There is no charge to attend and you can tune in via the phone, Skype, or online stream.

Featured Saturday Speaker

Call with Shinzen Young
The Role of Compassion on the Spiritual Path
Jan 26, 2019, 9:00AM PST

Upcoming Speakers:

Previous Awakin Calls

We've had lots of inspiring calls. Each one speaks to different people in different ways, and we invite you to read the recaps, listen to the audio, share comments and spread the ideas that move you.

Melissa Stephens
Being the Person You Needed When You Were Younger

Sally Mahé
Building a Global Spiritual Citizenship: Deeper Democracy

Jane Murray
Moving from Headspace to Heartspace and Midwifing the New

James Stark
Opening Windows to Wonder, the Miracles of Life and Nature

Reverend Eric Elnes
Connecting Interfaith Hearts in the Heartland

Miki Kashtan
Vulnerability, Shedding Excess, and Communicating Our Needs

Phil Cass
Transforming Leaders and Communities

Denise Bonnaig
Transcending Limitations and Transforming Wounds

Shabnam Virmani
Transcending Identity Through Poetry and Music

Melanie Joy
Beyond Carnism: Awareness to Create a More Compassionate World

Janessa Gans Wilder
Seeing The Other as Brother and Opening to Rivers of Possibility

Jessica Roach
Midwifing a New Social Reality for Black Women and Mothers

Simon Hampel
A Quest for Visionary Leaders and Change Agents

Lobsang Phuntsok
Re-inviting the Uninvited Guests of the Universe

Dimple Parmar
Marrying Into Cancer -- and Finding Love

Mark Stevenson
Rebooting Our World

Sandra Waddock
Intellectual Shaman: Healing to Create a Sustainable World

Phuoc Le
HEAL-ing Others and Paying Forward the Blessings

Ron Epstein
Responsible Living: Explorations in Applied Buddhist Ethics

Emma Slade
From Global Banking to Monasticism to Compassion in Action

Kevin Hancock
Straining My Vocal Cords And Strengthening the Voices of Others

Jeff Warren
Becoming One's Own Consciousness Explorer and Teacher

Scilla Elworthy
Wisdom in Action: Global Peace and a World that Works

Daya Devi-Doolin
All I Need to Know is Inside

Thank you, all, for holding space for such emergent conversations. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us anytime.